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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Order

How do I place an order?

Choose the item you would like to purchase and checkout. After you have checked out you will be directed to an order form. Simply fill out the form and email your photo(s) to or use the upload option on the order form.

Can I send my image via mail?

Yes.  Make sure that you take measures to protect your photo.  We will scan your image and it will be returned with your order.

How will the photo look on the plaque?

The photo on your plaque will look very close to the original but may differ slightly in color due to the kiln fired process.

What if my photo has minor scratches or flaws?

We can restore most photos, with minor issues, free of charge. If your photo requires a great deal of work please contact us so that we may review the photo.

Are rush orders available?

Yes. We can ship your plaque within a few business days. Please contact us for details.

What if the plaque arrives broken or cracked?

Contact us immediately. We will be glad to send you a replacement free of charge.


How to Install


What should I do before I install the plaque?

Make sure you have a smooth clean surface for proper bonding. Mark the spot with a pencil to be sure your location will be correct.

What are the steps for installation?

1. Use alcohol or Windex to clean the surface.

2. Mark the exact spot where the plaque will be installed with a pencil or masking tape.

3. Hold the plaque in the spot you have marked to make sure the location is correct.

4. Remove the tape from the back of the plaque.

5. Press your plaque into the marked area firmly for 30 seconds. 

Your installation is now complete.

You may also use silicone caulking to seal around the plaque. This will improve the appearance of the plaque and add more protection. 

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Memorial Plaques Have Many Uses

A memorial plaque may be used on headstones or footstones, benches, furniture and more.

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