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About Your Precious Images


Precious Images is the vision of Kingston Springs native, Chris Horner...

   After 20 years of working in the porcelain tile industry,  I developed a passion for tile and its infinite possibilities. I was inspired one day while visiting the cemetery after experiencing a personal loss myself. I saw a photo on a head stone and this touched me so much, it became a life changing experience for me. I thought what a concept, to be able to see an image of a loved one on their head stone would add such a personal touch. To allow the faces of our loved ones to live in our hearts is one thing but to see their photo on a headstone is a treasure because after all what’s a name without a face. After some extensive research, I found that no one provided this service locally. This is how the idea of “Your Precious Images was born.  It is my vision to provide a personal touch to your loved one’s headstone that will allow memories to be cherished for generations to come. It is my guarantee that your images will stand the test of time.

Your Precious Images is a locally owned small business serving Middle Tennessee and surrounding areas.  Our products are priced to be affordable to ease some of the burdens during your time of need.

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